Mr Chocolate Bean has travelled the world in search of the most decadent and ethically sourced ingredients to create this premium chocolate range. Mr Chocolate Bean uses the finest blend of cocoa beans from Peru and the Dominican Republic to give depth and rich flavour and makes his creations in the chocolate capital of the world, Belgium.


You can be sure that your elevenses or late night snack isn’t going to cost the earth as our organic standards strictly prohibit the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides throughout the supply chain. Not only good for the environment, but better for you too.


Our ethically sourced ingredients ensure everyone in our supply chain gets a fair price for their hard days work. We certify our products with the Fairtrade mark to ensure everyone in the supply chain adheres to these strict standards.


Our products are certified by the Vegan Society to ensure they do not contain any animal base ingredients or components. In addition to that, the Vegan Society ensures that animals are not exploited during any processes in the supply chain. Making our products vegan means they are suitable for all diets.


Our chocolate wrappers are made using plant based films which are certified home compostable. Once you have enjoyed your chocolate, simply cut the wrapper into pieces and mix it through your home compost heap. For other disposal options contact your local council or waste collection provider. For more information visit our Packaging FAQs page.

Belgian Made

Belgium has a rich history in chocolate making that stretches as far back as the 17th century. Belgian Chocolatiers use a long Conche time to get the smoothest chocolate and a high cocoa content to get a decadent richness. With this in mind we thought there was no better place to produce our products

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