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  1. Coronavirus and a Slice of Cake: Flour Shortages & the Coeliac Conundrum
    When trouble hits, apparently Britain gets baking.  When the lockdown went into full effect in March, flour mills saw a 92% increase in demand, acc...
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  2. A Guide to Grains
    Not all grains are created equal.  Here’s a quick guide to the most commonly used:   Barley   Suitable for those cooler climates where whe...
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  3. Sourdough
    Bread, as Vanessa Kimbell, PhD, will tell you, is older than metal in humankind’s history, flatbreads having been a food of ancestral choice that p...
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  4. New just natural plastic-free packaging
    At Just Natural we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the planet’s resources and reduce plastic waste. We’re proud to anno...
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