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  1. Nourishment for immunity: Powerful Health in Pandemic Times
    Perhaps never before has immunity been as much a public preoccupation as it has become since Covid’s arrival and lingering presence. Certainly, whe...
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  2. Recovery Foods, the Plant-Based Way
    Vegans were recently up in arms when it transpired that people recovering from Covid were being advised by a National Health Service online program...
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  3. Supplements For Women Over 50
    The menopause signals not just adverse symptoms in the body, but hormonal changes that require a different approach to essential vitamin and minera...
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  4. New In - Mr Bean Chocolate
    Mr Chocolate Bean has travelled the world in search of the most decadent and ethically sourced ingredients to create this premium chocolate range. ...
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    From home to the race track, Pata Yamaha with BRIXX WorldSBK is looking to boost its performance with the Balanced range of high-quality vitamins a...
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  6. latest hope in the fight against Long-Covid
    Vitamin D is once more being championed as the latest hope in the fight against Long-Covid.   Last Sunday (1st Nov.20), scientists called for forti...
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  7. 7 Ways to Aid Digestion and Ease IBS
    We’ve all had those days, times when it all just seems a bit ‘off’.  Indeed, YouGov reported that 43% of the UK suffers from a digestive complaint ...
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  8. 7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels
    Always seem to wake feeling as if you could sleep for several more hours?  Reach just before midway through the afternoon and feel as if a monster ...
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  9. Organic Kitchen peanut butter featured in Daily Mirror
    Organic Kitchen Smooth Peanut Butter was brought to the attention of the nation this week when The Daily Mirror included it in a taste test of the ...
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  10. 6 Ways to Naturally Increase Your Iron Levels
    Iron is essential for our health.  Vital for producing the protein haemoglobin, it is iron which helps the oxygenation of our red blood cells and b...
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  11. 5 Ways to Lower Cholesterol
    It’s a phrase we hear a lot: “Minding one’s cholesterol”.  But what exactly does it mean? Our liver naturally makes cholesterol.  It helps to maint...
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  12. Coronavirus and a Slice of Cake: Flour Shortages & the Coeliac Conundrum
    When trouble hits, apparently Britain gets baking.  When the lockdown went into full effect in March, flour mills saw a 92% increase in demand, acc...
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