Gluten Free Info


Gluten Free Info

Regarding our Just Natural Gluten Free Range:

Firstly we are certified by the Coeliac society ( cross grain symbol) for producing gluten free.

Secondly all our final testing is carried out by Neogen Europe in a certified and independent lab.

Neogen specialise in allergen testing for the food industry worldwide as well as supplying instant result allergen test kits for food manufacturers.

Our Gluten free range is made up of two foods groups, both are treated exactly the same and both face the same rigorous testing and hygiene procedures as set out below.

  • All raw goods are tested using a sealed 3D reveal testing kit upon receipt. If the test comes back as clear for  gluten the goods are placed on hold while we send off a lab sample for testing. (Goods are red tagged)
  • Once the lab has verified the goods are gluten free they are taken off hold and issues a unique pallet ID colour coded for Gluten free and placed in the gluten free section of the warehouse.
  • Prior to production all machinery, packaging and people are again tested for gluten using both a 3D reveal kit and a ATP digital reader, If these results come back clear we commence production.
  • At the end of that individual product production run we take finished goods samples and send those away for testing at the independent lab.
  • All finished goods are wrapped and placed back on hold and red tagged while we wait for the test results.
  • Once the test comes back clear we then take these goods off hold and book as finished goods ready for sale, If these goods fail we log a non conformance and remove the product and document our actions. 

Unfortunately the Coeliac society do not allow the cross grain symbol to be used on product groups that are naturally gluten free such as rice, even though there is many opportunities to contaminate these goods with gluten throughout the supply chain.

This is one of their rules and we are currently working with them to highlight the risk coeliacs take purchasing packaged and processed naturally gluten free ingredients that have been through a supply chain that contains gluten.

I know from personal experience working in other food processing sites not everyone carries out allergen cleaning in between allergen groups.

This is why some packs have a cross grain symbol and state licensed to carry the celiac symbol

Whilst other packs state packed in a certified gluten free site.

We are currently working towards a solution where we either add a symbol to state these goods have been tested and certified gluten free to go with the cross grain symbol or work with the celiac society on a more comprehensive range of goods that are safe for coeliacs.

I appreciate this may cause some confusion on shelf at present but we are working to get all our test certificates on line for people to check and verify themselves, but in the mean time I would inform your customers we only state certified gluten free on pack once we have carried out our rigorous testing. We do not just rely on the fact these items should be gluten free. We check and monitor our supply chain which is global.

We believe allergen awareness is on the increase and to be already able to batch test and verify products allergen free is already a big step forward, We don’t rely on annual testing.