Organic Kitchen Smooth Peanut Butter was brought to the attention of the nation this week when The Daily Mirror included it in a taste test of the best out there. Given the predilection of the British public for the spread during the lockdown, Poppy Danby and other journalists at the tabloid dipped their spoons into a jar of our own brand – and gave it a very positive rating of 3* for its “lovely, smooth consistency”.

Where once jam was the nation’s toast topping of choice, now peanut butter has overtaken those fruity preserves by some way. The Daily Mirror reported that sales of the spread rose by 35% during the lockdown, while according to year-end figures supplied by Information Research Incorporated (IRI) the protein-filled stuff came in at £98.9 million, surpassing jam sales by £2 million.

Made from 100% certified organic roasted peanuts and with zero added salt, Organic Kitchen Peanut Butter (available in both Smooth and Crunchy versions) is completely palm-oil free (we love orangutans). A powerhouse of nutrition for everyone, but especially those on a plant-based diet, peanut butter is a brilliant source of fibre, keeping you satisfied until the lunch hour properly arrives (no more work-from-home hunger pangs). A beloved kitchen ingredient with Vegan Society certification, it also offers a high fatty-acid content, essential for a healthy body.

Organic Kitchen Peanut Butter is more than a simple spread for bread. A competitor survey of consumers found that a little peanut butter goes a lot, lot further: from a baking ingredient to a dip for fruit, from a hearty stir into the morning porridge to a boost to traditional smoothies – going nuttilicious just makes sense in these challenging times, it seems.

Organic Kitchen peanut butter featured in Daily Mirror

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