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Organic Rapeseed Oil 500ml

Organic Rapeseed Oil 500ml

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Full Description

Rapeseed oil, which is also known as canola in the USA, is produced from the seed of the yellow-blossomed rape (colza) plant. It contains all three omega fatty acids as well as vitamin E. It is said to be one of the healthiest culinary oils available and is low in saturated fat with heart healthy properties.

Rapeseed oil is renowned for its excellent nutritional profile. It has a balance of Omega 3,6 and 9 fatty acids, is a good source of Vitamin E and has one of the lowest amounts of saturated fat of any culinary oil.

To compare it with another healthy oil, it has:

  • 6 times more Omega 3 fatty acids than Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • More vitamin E than Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Its rich golden colour is matched by a full flavour, which is slightly nutty and sweet. Ideal for dressings, sauces and soups.


Organic rapeseed oil

Nutritional Information

Typical values g per 100ml
Energy kJ:  3404
Energy kCal:  828
Fat:  92
of which saturates:  6
of which monounsaturates:  54
of which polyunsaturates:  27
Carbohydrate:  0
of which sugars:  0
Protein:  0
Salt:  0
Alpha-Linolenic Acid:  6

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